Thanks-Give-A-Bin: Recycling Cart Donation Program

Give a Cart this Giving Season! $25 helps a family recycle!

Zero Waste Detroit and Michigan Environmental Council have launched a recycling cart donation program.  Individuals and business can donate a recycling cart(s) for those in need of help in paying the one-time $25 fee for Detroit’s curbside recycling program.

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Be A Recycling Hero!

Curbside residential recycling is finally available throughout Detroit. But with tight budgets, many families can’t justify the $25 cost for a cart. That’s where you come in. Please help a Detroit family that wants to recycle but needs help to buy a cart. Your gift will make a tangible impact on Detroit’s future—one that renews its value each time the recycling truck comes around. list of domains . ip locator entire gift will go directly to purchase a new cart. Thank you

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Thank you!  Also, read more about the recycling cart donation program in the Detroit Free Press.

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