Oppose House Bill 5205

Don’t Trash Renewable Energy in Michigan!


What is HB 5205? A bill that would revise the Renewable Portfolio Standard to include ALL forms of incineration as renewable, allowing for the burning of things trash and hazardous waste (like tires and railroad ties). This type of legislation could result in many more incinerators in Michigan! 

How can YOU stop HB 5205? Email and call Energy & Technology Committee members, especially Detroit members. Contact committee members and ask them to oppose HB 5205.  We must make sure that our Detroit representatives feel the heat! We have two representatives on the Committee: Minority Vice-Chair Thomas Stallworth III and David Nathan.  

* Thomas Stallworth, District 7
(map), (517) 373-2276,

* David Nathan, District 8
(map), (517) 373-3815,


Information for other E&T members 
Contact other members of the Committee as well.

Burning trash is NOT the same as wind, solar and geothermal energy.  Contact our Detroit representatives and help to stop HB 5205!


Zero Waste Detroit submitted a letter to House Energy & Technology Committee on May 20th opposing House Bill 5205.  In addition we’ve created the following fact sheet to clear up the mistruths about incineration and renewable energy, and released a press statement this week opposing the bill.  We also and most importantly need your help as well, so please call Representatives Nathan and Stallworth and ask that they oppose HB 5205!