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As an organization we support many campaigns led by a broad variety of nonprofit groups seeking to make the world a better place. When we need support for our efforts, these same groups will often return the favor. Together, we can win a healthier, safer planet for everybody.


Last year we signed onto an important campaign to tell the battery maker Rayovac to take responsibility for the end-of-life of their batteries. Batteries contain materials which can harm human health, and which can corrode protective landfill liners, increasing the threat of pollution. Wasting the materials in them also means increased reliance on mining and other polluting processes. Still, Recycling batteries is not easy, as many consumers know. Three of the four largest battery makers publicly support producer takeback for batteries, but Rayovac does not.


If this was not bad enough, Rayovac also tells US consumers to throw their batteries in the trash while telling customers in the UK to recycle their batteries because they pose a threat to the environment.  Rayovac knows that trashing batteries is wrong, but they tell consumers to do it anyway. This is unacceptable.


You can take action right now to press this company to change. Sign this online petition organized by our friends with Texas Campaign for the Environment and tell Rayovac to get right on recycling. After you sign the petition, use the tools offered on the site to spread the word to your friends via Facebook, Twitter and email. load test website The more voices Rayovac hears on this issue, the better.


Thank you again for all of your support on all of our efforts, and for taking just a minute or two to make an impact on this important campaign we are excited to support. We look forward to joining our allies in yet another victory for our planet and for our community!


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