Spring Brings Changes to Detroit’s Waste Collection

Beginning this spring, the City of Detroit will begin rolling out changes to its waste collection.  The new system begins on May 1 on the east side and southwest Detroit, and on June 2 on the west side.  Please review the planned changes to waste collection below:

  • A citywide curbside recycling program will be rolled out.  The program will be “opt-in” with a $25 one-time fee.  Residents will receive a 64-gal recycling cart.
  • Existing 64-90 gal carts in the west side curbside neighborhoods will still be used—with no need to “opt in”—if you have a cart now you automatically are part of curbside after June 2.
  • Residents can “opt-in” at any time after the beginning of the program.
  • Contractors are responsible for a recycling incentive program and for education on the new system: Advanced Disposal on west side, Rizzo Environmental Services on the east side/southwest.
  • Recycling, yard waste, and bulk waste will be collected every other week.
  • Debris at curbside in front of abandoned houses and vacant lots will also be collected every other week.
  • Enforcement of code remains by City and City keeps records of tonnage
  • Overall, recycling gains revenue for the City, provided contamination is not high: the more recyclables residents put into carts, the more the City gains.
  • Rosedale Recycles is exploring methods to assisting with the “opt-in” fee for those needing it.

The City of Detroit and the waste haulers will be sharing more information in the coming weeks, so please be on the lookout.  Also remember the more you recycle the more you protect our Mother Earth!  Food for thought – every 1 ton of paper recycled saves 17 trees.  So let’s do all we can to ensure we protect the trees, animals, people, waters, air and land of our planet.

So please – “opt-in” to Detroit’s recycling program, encourage your neighbors to “opt-in” and recycle correctly.  Thank you! load test website