Detroit Environmental Agenda and Report Live

It took a village, but we did it! The Detroit Environmental Agenda (DEA) is ready–for you to read, to support, and most importantly, to use to make Detroit the safe and healthy place we know it can be.

The DEA represents the voices of a diverse range of stakeholders in Detroit’s environment–from ordinary citizens to activists, policy wonks to on-the-ground implementers. It wouldn’t exist without the committee of 10 organizations who worked over the last two years to make it happen and without the hundreds of people in every one of Detroit’s Districts who were willing to fill out forms, come to neighborhood meetings, and tell us what conditions are and what they wish they would be.

Now we have information. Now we have tools. Now we can get to work. Sign on here in support of the DEA.

First step: We’ve polled all of our candidates for City Council and Mayor about the state of Detroit’s environmental infrastructure, and what they would do if elected. HERE is what they had to say–clear and simple and in their own words.

Check out our new website to learn more, and if you haven’t already endorsed the Detroit Environmental Agenda, here’s another chance. NOW is always the best time to say yes to a cleaner, healthier, safer Detroit. Let’s be who we really want to be.


Did you know?
  • 48217 is the most polluted zip code in the state–almost 50 times more polluted than the state average.
  • All 7 Districts rate crime, dangerous structures, and vacant land as “serious” or “very serious” problems.
  • Detroit recycles only 7% of our waste–the national average is 26% and some cities recycle as much as 80%.
  • In 2011 our sewer systems discharged 25 billion gallons of raw or partially treated sewage into the Detroit and Rouge Rivers.
  • We have a new transit system in the works.

All of this, and more, is in the Detroit Environmental Agenda. It’s time to act. Get informed.


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